Two years after Mueller completed his investigation, it has made the news again. In particular, a hubbub broke out in May about the fight to expose a Barr DOJ memo from 2019. This is a memo that opens a window into the deliberations of top DOJ officials as they conspired to bury the crimes outlined in the Mueller Report. As such, it is a key document: it could expose DOJ’s cover up of Trump’s crimes. This is the story so far.

January 20th: the day the Trumptanic hits the iceberg.
Not in MAGA-world, however. The fantastical among Trump’s devotees still believe that Trump’s long-awaited plan will unfold to keep him President. Even after Biden is inaugurated, some will hold on to the belief that Trump will rise again, Christlike, to restore order. Others have adjusted to reality with varying degrees of resignation, anger, and strangely, self-deprecating irony.