The Wild Protest at the Capitol that was used as bait

On December 19th, 2020, after weeks of pumping election fraud lies, Trump tweeted, “Big protest in DC on Jan 6th. Be there, will be wild!”. The very next day, a website called was registered. This is the story of that Wild Protest, and how it aided the breach of the Capitol that afternoon.

The strangest thing about this event, one so pivotal, so widely marketed—was that it never actually happened. And yet, a “protest” that never happened, where speakers never spoke, and protesters never gathered, is nevertheless now being used as an alibi by several insurrectionists in their defense.

Stop The Steal

The website was only around from December 20th till Jan 7th. The footer of the website claims that it is part of the “Stop The Steal” coalition. While “Stop The Steal” in 2016 was a slogan created by Roger Stone, the 2020 version had a new self-proclaimed national organizer: Stone protégé Ali Alexander, a known right-wing provocateur.

The website was registered the day after the 2020 election was called. The registrant was a Fort Worth company called “Vice and Victory“; this is the name of Ali Alexander’s digital marketing firm according to a report by DFRLab, and the the person who registered the firm, Lydia Dews, is his mother. organized protests at State Capitols around the country as vote counting proceeded. The first took place outside the Maricopa County Recorder’s office on November 4th, while officials were counting votes inside, and went on for three days. Loud, angry crowds gathered outside to intimidate election officials employed in counting votes, and at least once, militia members barged in.

As the action moved to DC, the website pumped two DC events: the March for Trump on November 14th at the Freedom Plaza in DC, and the Jericho March on December 12th at the National Mall.

The November 14th event, also known as the Million MAGA March, brought Alexander together with a number of far-right influencers: Alex Jones from InfoWars, Nicholas Fuentes of the white supremacist group Groypers, and militant groups such as Oath Keepers and Proud Boys. It drew the attention of Paul Van Flein, Chief of Staff of Rep. Paul Gosar of AZ—this, too, turned out to be a fruitful alliance.

These events, and the protests outside State Capitols, served as practice runs for the Jan 6 Wild Protest.

The Million MAGA March turned Stop The Steal from a mere slogan to an actual gig. On November 13th (a day prior), Alexander registered a company by the name of Stop The Steal LLC through his lawyer. In this interview with Photographer Peter Duke Ali claims that the LLC was created in order to be a clearing house for donations people made, that went towards paying for participants’ hotel fees, flights, and so on.

Part coup, part marketing blitz, Stop The Steal began to pump the next big MAGA event: the Jericho March, that took place on December 12th at the National Mall. This event was alternately festive and a bit berserk. Named after the ancient march of Israelites around an evil city for seven days, this event didn’t quite last as long, but packed a lot into a single day. There were shofars blown, prayers sung, threats made, martial law called for, and Democrats condemned in rap. Luminaries including Eric Metaxas, Gen. Mike Flynn, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, and Alex Jones spoke. Trump flew past on Marine One. The day ended in violence with four people stabbed and Black Lives Matter flags burned.

At any rate, Ali Alexander, it is clear, knows how to make events go viral.

Jan 6 at the Ellipse

Though the DC events on November 14th and December 12th were branded as #StopTheSteal events, Ali was not the event organizer. Rather, the events were put on by Women For America First, a group founded by Amy Kremer, an organizer from the Tea Party days. WFAF drew the permits, set up the stages, and held the marches; while Stop The Steal organizers gave incendiary speeches and formed alliances with militants.

Kremer, along with her daughter Kylie, led a two-week-long bus tour in the gap between the two DC events that took them to 27 cities. Their website,, tracked the progress of their red-blue-and-white bus, emblazoned with tall image of Trump pumping his fist. Several days after the December 12th event, their website still showed no plans for protests in DC on Jan 6.

On December 19th, Trump tweeted his famous call-to-action for Jan 6 to be a “wild” event. Kylie Kremer responded that very day with a tweet: “the calvary [sic] is coming, Mr. President!

And indeed, the cavalry did arrive. Their website got immediately updated with an announcement for an event on Jan 6, with time and place TBA.

Behind the scenes, a flurry of activity began. Permits for large gatherings in DC were hot property. The Kremers had applied for a permit to gather after the inauguration; they changed that over to Jan 6. The new permit application went in the very day of Trump’s “wild” tweet.

The location changed too. Their original permit had been for the Freedom Plaza, which is a block and a half away from the White House. On December 29th, they asked for the Ellipse instead—which is a larger area, and right on White House grounds. By January 2nd their plans were firmed up enough that Kylie Kremer tweeted out an announcement with details.

The change in venue went along with the growing importance of Jan 6 to Trump’s strategy to stay in power. By the turn of the year, the White House was getting more and more involved in the running of the event, picking the lineup of speakers, and even the music. The speakers’ slate now heavily featured the Trump family, and by January 3rd, Trump had decided that he himself would be giving the headliner speech.

As the venue changed and the lineup got firmed up, the size of the protest on the permit application grew. The original permit had been for 5,000 people, which grew to 15,000; and then a couple days prior to the event, to 30,000. Even this was not enough: so while on official documentation the Kremers signaled tens of thousands of attendees, on an interview with OANN on January 4, Kylie Kremer said that they expected millions.

Wild Protest

It is fair to say that Ali’s plans for Jan 6 formed before Trump’s. By December 15th, a day after Biden secured enough electoral votes to win, he was already working with Rep. Mo Brooks to lobby Republicans to object to that victory’s certification on Jan 6, threatening to primary those who wouldn’t. He held a press conference where he stood next to three electors (Marian Sheridan, Meshawn Maddock, and Anthony Kern) who would later show up on the falsified Trump electoral votes that were sent to the National Archives. They demanded that Congress reject Biden electors in favor of these “alternate” electors on Jan 6.

On December 15th or 16th, Ali has said, they came up with the idea to gather outside the US Capitol to pressure Republicans, as the Joint Session to certify electors proceeded inside. This plan, that he called “a loud war from the outside“, would work in tandem with a whip count and a letter they were circulating, to force Republicans to object. In addition to Rep. Mo Brooks, he claimed to be working with Rep. Paul Gosar and Rep. Andy Biggs.

Three days later, on December 19th, Trump sent his “wild” tweet. Ali already had the plan, what that tweet gave him was branding. The very next day, he registered ““.

On the 23rd of December, the Wild Protest website was updated to promote a gathering in front of the US Capitol on the East side, on a wide grassy area called Lot 9. A number of high-profile speakers were advertised: elected officials like Paul Gosar and Doug Mastriano, and influencers like Brandon Straka, Roger Stone, and Ali himself.

A donation form was linked: within a few days, they had already made almost half of the stated goal of $40K. By January 6th, they would make that amount several times over: the final figure shows $185,125.04 raised.

Ultimately, 147 Republican members of Congress raised objections.

“One Nation Under God”

The Stop The Steal coalition, which now included Alex Jones of Infowars, the Proud Boys, and Nicholas Fuentes’s “Groypers”, had become infamous for militant protests outside State Capitols. In Georgia, for instance, the three of them—Jones, Fuentes, and Ali—occupied the Rotunda of the State Capitol on November 18th and performed days of threatening rhetoric which included instructions on surrounding the Governor’s mansion.

It is no surprise then that Ali felt the need to lie on his permit application to the US Capitol Police for their Capitol gathering on Jan 6.

His permit application went in on December 21st, but it was for a non-existent group: “One Nation Under God”. His own name, or the name of Stop The Steal, was not mentioned.

Recently, Buzzfeed News obtained his permit application through FOIA. On it, we can see the confusion of the US Capitol Police as they tried to grapple with the identity of “One Nation Under God”: they had no website, no registration, and no social media presence. The person listed as the spokesperson knew very little, as he was just a contractor. A Stop The Steal member (Nathan Martin) they eventually managed to contact pretended to know nothing. Months later, a planned speaker (Kimberley Fletcher) had laughed as she recounted to ProPublica how they used different names to bamboozle US Capitol Police.

USCP appear to have hesitated on granting the permit when they discovered Ali’s website, and matched it up with this event. Their hesitation was understandable, because the area they had available could only host 50 people, which did not match the social media hoopla surrounding Stop The Steal and Wild Protest.

However, the permit was granted.

Why did they grant the permit, despite their obvious discomfort? I suspect the presence of Members of Congress in the speakers’ list nudged them over. “I asked him if the MOC have confirmed, he stated yes,” a note on the application dated 12/28/2020 says.

Eventually, they approved a permit to use Lot 8, a much smaller area than had originally been asked for, allowing only a very rudimentary stage and sound system, and for only 50 people. The website got updated on December 28th to reflect the new, smaller location, Lot 8.

However, despite the strict instructions to keep attendance down to just 50 people, Ali’s rhetoric in the week leading up to it emphasized a prolonged and vast occupation centered around Wild Protest. In a December 31st interview with NTD, he said he expected a million and a half people to show up outside the Capitol. He asked people to bring tents, sleeping bags, granola bars, and water. “We will turn [DC] inside out and turn it into District of Trump.

“March to Save America”

Until the turn of the year, the Ellipse event and Wild Protest remained separate, to be held simultaneously a mile and a half apart. But then, in the last few days before Jan 6, plans arose to march to the Capitol from the Ellipse after Trump’s speech, which was to end at noon. On January 5th, the website got updated to accommodate the march’s arrival: it now showed a start time of 1pm. Incidentally, 1pm was also the start time of the Joint Session.

The significance of the march is enormous. The Ellipse event was large, while the Capitol event was to be very small. Capitol police had warned they would crack down on gatherings above 50 people on Lot 8. Thus, the march became a key means of feeding tens of thousands of angry Trump supporters to the Capitol right at the time it mattered. As they arrived, Paul Gosar was alphabetically up, reading his objection to certifying Arizona’s electors.

As for how plans for the march arose: it seems that Trump himself played no small role.

It is clear that the Ellipse organizers, the Kremers, did not want, and in fact, actively avoided a march. Their permit explicitly states that no march is permitted. By this point a strong antagonism had arisen between the WFAF group and Stop The Steal organizers. As ProPublica has covered in detail, the Kremers, with the help of Katrina Pierson at the White House, strove to cut Ali and Alex Jones out of the Ellipse rally entirely.

But, by the turn of the year, the White House had gotten minutely involved in rally-planning, and top Trump campaign fundraiser Caroline Wren had taken over the funding of it. Caroline Wren forced Alex Jones and Ali into the front row at the Ellipse, provided them VIP passes, and escorted them out when it was time for the march. According to WSJ, she also suggested the reschedule of Wild Protest to 1pm.

Alex Jones has claimed that Trump himself asked him to lead the march, and offered a Secret Service escort. Roger Stone has also said that he was offered a Secret Service escort and asked to lead the march—but he declined (hat tip: the Sparrow Project).

A website,, was registered on December 31st—this puts a marker on when the idea first arose. From the email address shown upon registering it appears to be a Stop The Steal project. By the evening of January 3rd, it was updated to call for a march from the Ellipse to the Capitol. This is the same day that Trump asked Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller to have National Guard ready to deploy to protect his supporters.

Eventually, Trump himself would announce the march during his speech, to the surprise of some of the organizers. “Let’s walk down Pennsylvania avenue,” he said, adding that he would be there with them. Trump’s promised presence at the Capitol would prove to be very fruitful bait.

The march

Alex Jones, Ali, and Infowars host Owen Shroyer marched together from the Ellipse to the Capitol.

Clips of their mile-and-a-half progress have been compiled on Rumble by OSINT researcher the Capitol Hunters. What these videos show is that they made no effort to get to the Capitol by 1pm, when their Wild Protest was to start, showcasing a dozen high-profile speakers. Instead, they dithered at the Freedom Plaza to make speeches, and took the long way to the Capitol. As they marched, they shouted slogans with their bullhorns: “we’re coming for you Commie traitors,” “China Joe has got to go,” “1776,” and so on. They finally arrived at the Capitol grounds, on the north-west side, around 1:50pm.

Alex Jones, Ali Alexander, and Owen Shroyer march to the Capitol (source: News2Share video, credit Ford Fischer)

Here, on the NW lawn of the Capitol behind the Peace Monument, at around 1:54pm, they stopped, and all three of them got up on a stack about four feet high. Alex Jones yelled instructions on his bullhorn to marchers who followed him: “we’ve got a permit on the other side…we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully…tell everybody behind you, march to the other side. Tell everyone you know, come to the other side of the Capitol, that’s where Trump’s going to be”. (Hat tip: @CapitolHunters, @KarmaOneSixOne and ProPublica.)

At that moment, the crowds on the east side of the Capitol were rather thin. Thus Alex Jones’s bullhorn speech was instrumental in filling it out. At one point in the video linked above, someone in the crowd shouts—“SURROUND THE CAPITOL!” That is precisely what Jones achieved.

Coordination at the east doors

“The other side”…. Well, this is nothing but the Wild Protest, where they had a permit to gather at Lot 8, as I have marked with a blue cross in the map below.

But, Jones never did lead them to Lot 8. Nor did Trump show up. Instead, as shown with the red arrow, he led the crowd to the east steps of the Capitol itself.

As independent journalist Marcy Wheeler has extensively covered, the breach at the east steps of the Capitol appears to have been coordinated ahead of time. One group dismantled the barricades at the east plaza ahead of the Jones march; thus, the marchers could walk right up the steps unimpeded (it’s important to note that the barricades were neatly dismantled, and laid aside stacked up, not just tossed aside by a stampeding horde). Another group of Marines, who had already breached the Capitol building from the west, opened the East Door (with its magnetic lock) from the inside, to let in a group of Oath Keepers who waited expectantly just outside the door.

Also assembled at the east steps at the right time were Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, and Ali Alexander, who had ascended the steps in a military-style stack. None of those three entered the Capitol, but the marchers they had led there, playing the role of cannon-fodder, streamed in. A couple of insurrectionists later said that the only reason they breached the Capitol was because Jones lured them there with the promise of another Trump speech. Wheeler has called Alex Jones “Trump’s Pied Piper“.

Jones, Ali, Shroyer, and others ascend the east steps in a stack (around minute 30:30 in RFIRN video)

Wild Protest: a ruse, and an alibi

Wild Protest organizers clearly used the promise of a stage, a permit, and a Trump speech as a ruse to get marchers to go around back to the east side of the Capitol. But they, and others, have also since used Wild Protest as an alibi.

Zach Rehl, one of the Proud Boys indicted for conspiracy, argued in court that the permitted protest on Capitol Grounds (Wild Protest) is a sign that he was in DC for First Amendment protected activities, not to cause mayhem. His lawyer, Jonathan Moseley, even tried to obtain the permit from Capitol Police to prove that it exists.

Moseley also represents Kelly Meggs Stewart Rhodes, an Oath Keeper facing seditious conspiracy charges [correction hat tip @bennybryant17]. On a recent CNN appearance, he pulled out the same defense: “they had a permit on the Supreme Court side“—by which he either means Lot 8 (Wild Protest) or Lot 9 (permitted to a Bryan Lewis).

In Ali’s statement to the Jan 6 Select Committee, he used a similar argument: framing the riots as against his interest, because they wrecked his plans for the Wild Protest that he fully intended to host. In fact, he said, he and his partners went to the Capitol to deescalate the riots, a claim that is easily disproven by taking note of their words before, during, and even after the riots—words that were full of “Revolution” and “1776”; and also their actions—in order to deescalate, one would lead the crowds away from the Capitol, to a permitted protest site, rather than to the Capitol.

Once Ali and his lawyers had worked out this alibi, he emerged in public after being noticeably submerged, with an interview given to his friend, Peter Duke, a photographer who was there on Jan 6 and runs the YouTube channel The Reality Operating System. In it, he tells the same story—that the riot was against his interest because they got his event canceled.

They didn’t even try to make Wild Protest happen

Wild Protest’s promotional materials never, ever, matched reality. More than 20 high-profile speakers were advertised, and people invited from all over the country—for an event that was only officially allowed to host 50 people.

For all that it was such a mega event, Jones, Ali, and Shroyer made no attempt to actually arrive at Wild Protest by 1pm, They dithered at Freedom Plaza after Trump’s speech, and only arrived on Capitol grounds after 1:50pm. And even when Jones said they were going to their permitted lot—they didn’t. They went up the Capitol steps instead.

Further, they made no attempt to prep for any sort of event before 1pm. Certainly not one where the President of the United States would speak, as Alex Jones promised the crowd to lure them to the east side. For that matter, Jones had to know that Trump coming to speak at Wild Protest was an absurd lie as he was telling it. A lie that Trump also told.

Jason Funes, a Trump administration employee (who clearly has his own axe to grind) has claimed that Wild Protest did not even have a stage set up on Lot 8 by 1pm. Is this true? Courtesy of Capitol Hunters, I saw a couple videos of Lot 8 from around that time that show he is not quite right, but close.

  • Baked Alaska livestreamed from the NE Capitol grounds somewhere between 1pm and 2pm. The livestream begins with his back to the Reserve Organization of America. Later at minute 1:58 the camera pans to show a view of the Russell Senate building, which would have included most of Lot 8 in its view. No stage is visible.
  • A video from an attendee at 12:33pm that day pans to show Lot 8 at minute 32:45. One can see a very rudimentary set of stage/sound equipment that does not look like it has been set up. Nor is there any buzz of activity around the equipment that would show that it is being prepped.

After leading the mob up the stairs, Jones, Ali, and Shroyer left. Even at this point, they made no attempt to gather people on Lot 8. Instead, they booked it to a pre-rented event space, the rooftop at 101 Constitution NW, a block away. Clearly, if they had planned to host Wild Protest, they would not have pre-rented an event space a block away for the same time. As Capitol Hunters says, “it’s hard to believe they didn’t know what they would be getting“.

From here, they filmed an Infowars special with the Capitol riot in the background, as though they had been mere observers to the event. Jones said the attack was “95% provocateurs” almost by rote, because “Antifa” had been their refrain from the start, even as, for instance as in Atlanta on November 18th, they were readying to storm the GA Capitol themselves.

On the rooftop, Ali later pointed to the Capitol as police sirens could be heard in the background with the satisfaction of a proud parent. “I do not disavow this,” he said.

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  • September 7: Ali Alexander starts using #StopTheSteal hashtag and sending Stop The Steal emails. He claims he has “unretired” (hat tip SPL Center).
  • November 3: 2020 election.
  • November 4: Ali Alexander starts publicizing the website
  • November 4: Kylie Jane Kremer of Women For America First creates a Stop The Steal Facebook group, administered by Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence. It gains 320,000 followers within 24 hours before being taken down.
  • November 4, 5, 6: Right-wing provocateurs including Ali, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec gather in Phoenix as counting proceeds. More than 100 people flood the Maricopa County office. Rep. Paul Gosar riles up crowds.
  • November 8: is registered by Vice and Victory (Ali Alexander’s firm).
  • November 13: Ali registers Stop The Steal LLC as donations pour in.
  • November 14: Million MAGA March is held at the Freedom Plaza in DC, publicized by “Violence erupts when night falls“—WaPo. “Plenty of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers“—Will Sommer.
  • November 17: Ali tweets at Trump: “Put me in charge of the GOP for two weeks and I’ll deliver you 270+ votes or a House or States victory”.
  • November 18: Alex Jones, Ali, Nick Fuentes occupy the Rotunda at the GA State Capitol.
  • December 7: Rep. Jim Jordan says there should be a debate about certifying the election on Jan 6.
  • December 10: Rep. Mo Brooks of AL says he will use the Electoral Count Act to object to certification of Biden’s victory on Jan 6.
  • December 12: “SCOTUS rejects Texas lawsuit seeking to subvert the election”.
  • December 12: Trump deadenders gather for Jericho March and other MAGA events in DC. Stop The Steal gather at the National Mall, while Women For America First gather at the Freedom Plaza. The list of speakers includes Gen. Flynn and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Violence breaks out after sundown.
  • December 14: An “alternate” set of Michigan electors, calling themselves “GOP electors”, try to force their way into the MI Capitol where the official electors are voting. A lawyer from the Thomas More Society, part of the newly formed Amistad Project, presses their case. They are not allowed in.
  • December 14: Biden gains enough electoral college votes to win the election.
  • December 15: Sen. Mitch McConnell congratulates Biden as the President Elect. He is simultaneously warning his caucus to not object on Jan 6.
  • December 15: Ali appears at a press conference in DC along with Ed Martin of Schlafly Eagles, Alex Bruesewitz of Stop The Steal, and three Trump electors: Anthony Kern of Arizona, Meshawn Maddock and Marisa Sheridan of Michigan. The latter two attempted to force their way into the MI capitol claiming to be official electors. Ali threatens to primary any Republican who does not object to Biden’s victory certification on Jan 6. He claims to be working with Mo Brooks.
  • December 16: Ali claims to have come up with the idea to gather outside the Capitol on Jan 6.
  • December 16: An executive order that would authorize the Secretary of Defense to seize voting machines is drafted. A Special Counsel would be appointed to oversee the operation. It casts a mistake in vote counting in Antrim County, MI as “foreign intervention”, and uses previously signed executive order 13848 to grant authority for these steps. OSINT researcher Trapezoid of Discovery has made a good case that the author of this draft is Col. Phil Waldron of ASOG.
  • December 17: Gen. Flynn appears on Newsmax to explain the scheme laid out in the draft executive order.
  • December 18: At a wild meeting at the Oval Office between Trump, Mark Meadows, Pat Cipollone, Gen. Flynn, Sidney Powell, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, Rudy Giuliani, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, and others, Trump considers signing the draft executive order. They also discuss Gen. Flynn’s idea of using martial law to rerun the election in the states that Trump lost.
  • December 19: The same night as the Oval Office meeting, Trump tweets “Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” He retweets Peter Navarro’s report framing their “evidence” for election fraud.
  • December 19: Women For America First amend their permit to gather after the inauguration to Jan 6, at Freedom Plaza. Kylie Jane Kremer tweets, “The calvary [sic] is coming, Mr. President!”
  • December 19: Ali registers that will later redirect to This website is on his Twitter bio.
  • December 20: Ali registers
  • December 21: House Republicans meet with Trump for three hours to plan a “last stand” for Jan 6 that involves objections to specific states. In attendance are Mo Brooks, Jody Hice, MTG, Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs.
  • December 21: Ali applies for a permit for Lot 9 on Capitol grounds on Jan 6, under a fake name One Nation Under God
  • December 23: Trump pardons Roger Stone. Ali comments on his pardon: “This is something Roger and I have been planning for a long time. And finally, he’s off the leash. So, you know, it’s a knife fight and your two knife fighters are Ali Alexander and Roger Stone, and you either fight with us or you get slashed.”
  • December 28: Wild Protest obtains permit on Lot 8 (smaller neighboring area) for 50 people. Website is updated.
  • December 28: Roger Stone meets with Trump. Also present are Kimberley Guilfoyle, Chris Ruddy, Eric and Lara Trump.
  • December 28: The White House, and top Trump fundraiser Caroline Wren are now heavily involved in rally planning/funding. Wren procures VIP passes to the rally for Jones and Ali.
  • December 29: Wren’s quote (“we have no clue on timing because it all depends on the votes that day”) is a clear sign that the rally is being coordinated with the Joint Session of Congress
  • December 29: Women For America First amend their permit to ask to gather at the Ellipse
  • December 29: Ali calls for turning DC into a tent city on the 6th. He asks people to bring water, granola bars, sleeping bags, etc. and not leave DC until Trump asks them to.
  • December 31: Website is registered, almost certainly by Ali’s Stop The Steal. This is the first sign that a march will take place from the Ellipse to Wild Protest.
  • January 1: Rep. Louis Gohmert’s court case that would have empowered Pence to be the sole decider of which slate of electors to choose is tossed.
  • January 3: Trump decides to speak at the Ellipse
  • January 3: According to Alex Jones, Trump asks him to lead the march from the Ellipse to the Capitol
  • January 3: is updated to show a march scheduled from the Ellipse to the Capitol
  • January 3: Trump asks Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller to prepare National Guard to protect his supporters
  • January 4: Ali tweets: “DC becomes FORT TRUMP starting tomorrow on my orders!”
  • January 5: is updated to start at 1pm
Ali Alexander’s Periscope from Jan 5 (now deleted)

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