Pam Hemphill went to prison for Jan 6. Now she thinks she was in a cult.

Some days ago I had a chance to talk to Pam Hemphill, a retired addiction counselor whose penchant for videotaping live events brought her to DC on Jan 6. A long time Republican, she was a Trump supporter who believed the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.Β 

Wielding her video camera, Pam made her way to the steps on the east side of the Capitol. She got knocked down and trampled on; and later, pushed into the building. Her videos, posted on Facebook Live, helped the FBI to make a case against her. She was arrested and jailed for two months. Filled with anger and victimhood, she gathered online with other Jan 6 defendants to commiserate.Β 

But as she saw that her co-defendants often lied, made excuses for violence against officers, and wallowed in victimhood β€” sometimes accompanied with putting out calls for donations β€” her mindset began to evolve. Leaving that group eventually opened her eyes to the cult of Trump.

The interview is available as a podcast episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Please check it out.

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