How MAGA is dealing with the loss of Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell was a demigod for the MAGA. She spread wild conspiracy theories that Dominion voting machines flipped 10 million votes from Trump to Biden. She implicated Venezuela and zombie Hugo Chavez in a fraud case so massive that it would lead to mass arrests of Democrats.

She claimed to hold hundreds of sworn affidavits. The next couple weeks were promised to be a blitzkrieg of Biblical lawsuits that would “blow up” Georgia and show that the Republican Governor Brian Kemp was on the take. She was amplified by Trump through OANN. She was the holder of the Kraken.

Last but certainly pertinent, she was a strong believer in QAnon—a devout, mystic believer, according to NBC reporter Ben Collins.

But on Sunday November 22nd, the other lawyers representing the Trump campaign, Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani, announced in a statement without ceremony that Powell was no longer associated with the campaign:

Jenna Ellis posted her announcement on Parler as well, where Trump devotees gather to commiserate and cheer each other on:

Within half an hour, her announcement had collected two thousand replies. How are the MAGA taking the sudden rupture, when they were promised rapture?

Well, remember—the MAGA have been trained to always detect signs of a master plan, even if the news seems to always turn out poorly; or scratch that—especially if the news turns out poorly. So they quickly regrouped around some themes.

Some said that she was being tapped for the position of the FBI Director, which would be announced this week:

This was also promoted by Brian Anderson, a “MAGA lawyer”, who claims to have worked on the Trump campaign, as well as the Collins and Kemp campaigns. He said a “source” informed him of the upcoming promotion for Sidney Powell. This account was created just about an hour after Powell’s firing was announced, so it seems clear it was created in response to the firing.

Another theory that took shape was that since the Dominion fraud was so widespread, the separation was strategic:

In fact, it was a brilliant move, since the rupture was necessary for her to testify:

Brian Anderson, the MAGA lawyer from above, promoted a wilder version of the “strategic separation” theory, that surprise! involves treason:

Some surmised that wily old coot Trump had thrown the media a new bone to distract them with, while he “maneuvered”:

Or, as prime QAnon popularizer Praying Medic assured the MAGA on Twitter, it was a bit of disinformation jujitsu to lay the groundwork for the Kraken:

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Undoubtedly, some in the MAGA movement showed confusion and doubt. Some were big accounts, like Dinesh D’souza:

Many of the responses to Jenna Ellis’s announcement were demoralized and disappointed:

Some were angry, and shocked:

Some, merely prayed:

With confusion and calm vying for space on Parler, Sidney Powell herself spoke up, releasing this statement through CBS News, doubling down on the Kraken:


She also conveyed a message through Gen. Flynn, promising to stay the course:

For those who may not know, Sidney Powell has been Gen. Flynn’s lawyer in his case from the Mueller investigation, after he ditched his professional law firm that guided him into pleading guilty. She has attempted to prove that the guilty plea was unfairly obtained from Flynn—so far with no luck.

Flynn also hinted that the rupture was strategic and to do with legal funds. Flynn has always rallied the faithful, and this is no different.

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Do we have any insight into why the Trump legal team abruptly threw Sidney Powell under the bus?

Perhaps her Saturday night interview with Newsmax had something to do with it. In it, she took her wild conspiracizing farther than she had ever before—well into the GOP camp. She claimed that Brian Kemp—who will be running for reelection in 2022—was on the take. She hinted that perhaps the Dominion fraud had been perpetrated by both parties.

As if that weren’t enough, she struck at the heart of the hoped-for Senate majority. As Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson says below, she hinted that perhaps GA Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler didn’t make it to the January 5th runoff legitimately. Perhaps it ought to have been Doug Collins:

Well, that wouldn’t work for the GOP, would it? At the risk of mixing metaphors, what’s the point of riding a tiger if the tiger comes back to bite your Senate majority in its behind? I picture Mitch McConnell calling Trump on the phone, and demanding that he get rid of the loose cannon Sidney Powell, NOW.

Let’s give the last word to a member of that beleaguered, haunted species, the unnamed official, for whom open speech is merely a vestigial organ, since most often reporters do their speaking for them:

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